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Screen Printing Inks
Water-based screen printing inks

Water-based ink systems prove themselves with their high processing speed and good print quality. They are safe for the environment and odorless. High grade ink systems, such as Aqua-Jet FGL M are robust and suitable for outdoor use.

Application chart for water-based screen printing inks
AquaCell GL
  Extra quick drying screen printing ink, for various grades of paper and cardboard.
Color Information - AquaCell
Aqua-Jet FGL M
  Universal ink system for rigid and soft PVC, polycarbonate, wood, as well as various grades of textiles, paper, and cardboard. Can be thermoformed and it is suitable for outdoor use.
Aqua-Jet KSF
  Screen printing ink for rigid substrates, such as PS, PMMA, PC, and PVC.
AquaTex C
  Textile screen ink for various grades of cotton and synthetics. Fixation at room temperature.
Color Information - AquaTex
  Textile Metallic Screen Printing Ink
Printing with Water-Based Screen Printing Inks
Auxiliary Products for Water-Based Screen Printing Inks
Product range water-based screen printing inks
Solvent-based screen printing inks

Special solvent-based screen printing inks

UV curing screen printing inks

Norilux DC - dual-cure lacquer

Water-based screen printing inks

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