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Screen Printing Inks
UV curing screen printing inks

UV curing ink systems are the way of the future in screen printing! They distinguish themselves by their capacity to dry in seconds, anti-clogging, and consistently high print quality.

NoriCure® MPF
  NoriCure® MPF is a versatile UV screen ink, which is suitable for printing signs and displays, to be formed afterwards by deep drawing. NoriCure® MPF shows good adhesion to a wide range of substrates such as PVC self-adhesive films, rigid PVC, polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC) and pre-treated polyester (PET) substrates. The suitability for printing on PMMA and polypropylene (PP) must be tested.
NoriCure® MPF Info Flyer
NoriCure MPF Color Information
NoriCure® AP
  Universal screen printing ink for rigid PVC, self-adhering PVC films, as well as various grades of paper and plastic.
NoriCure® AP Color Information
Resistance Test Results NoriCure® AP
NoriCure® UV-L3
  NoriCure® UV-L 3 scratch resistant is
designed for printing on PC-film, coated
PET-films (e. g. Autotype Autoflex EBG 180,
Autotex V200) and for overprinting of
printed products.
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UV curing screen printing inks

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