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Screen printing systems for plastic cards

Producing credit cards involves not only various types of plastic, but a number of different printing processes and ink systems as well.

Many cards are simply mono cards (solid plastic) made of PVC or ABS. The decoration (offset printing) is on one surface of the card which is coated with an offset primer (screen printing), and which can be sealed with a protective lacquer as needed. The solvent-based NoriCard OP 093/001 is an offset primer that adheres well to a variety of plastic films and panels. The dried ink layer can then be offset or laser printed, and then the protective lacquer can be applied.

Inks for signature fields are offered such as NoriCard SG 093/001 matte clear, NoriCard SG 945/001 white (quick drying, very absorbent), NoriCard SG 945/002 opaque white and NoriCard SG 093/002 matte clear (adheres well to UV lacquers).

Due to the increased demands placed on design and function, the trend is toward multi-layer, plastic laminated cards which are most often made of PVC.

If the total coverage of offset inks is anything above 20% of the card, the overlay film can only be laminated to a certain degree. Thus, when working with multi-layer cards, we recommend using the water-based bonding agent, AquaPress CA, which can be applied by screen printing. Thereby, both different types of plastic and offset inks can be laminated with an overlay film.

Bonding agents can be supplied as AquaPress CA 093 (laminating temperature approximately 100C/320F) and AquaPress CA 093/001 (laminating temperature approximately 130C/266F).

In particular, gold and silver color shades as well as inks with special effect pigments are applied by screen printing in the production of cards. Here, good results are achieved with a special formulation of NoriCard screen printing ink, which distinguishes itself through increased adhesive properties.

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Screen printing systems for plastic cards

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