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Mirror Ink M3

improved climatic resistance

Mirror Ink M3 is a new improved screen printing ink for printing chrome effects.
The ink system is used for second surface decoration of transparent plastics and films (PC, PMMA, rigid PVC, pre-treated PET films) and glass.
While drying, the metal pigments are aligned parallel to the substrates reverse side.
Viewed through the transparent material from the first surface, the pigments create a mirror like effect. To improve the resistance of the printed mirror, Mirror Ink M3 should be overprinted with a mild solvent-based ink system (NORIPHAN N2K) or a water-based screen printing ink (Aqua-Jet FGL M).
High gloss effects can be achieved, even if Mirror Ink M3 is printed on the first surface of a smooth substrate.
Mirror Ink M3 shows good printing properties and excellent climate stability. Large areas and fine details can be easily printed. Due to the pigment particle size, fabrics from 77 to 150 threads/cm (195 to 380 threads/inch) are recommended.

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