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Ink system: AquaTex C
Category: Water-Based Screen Printing Inks
Textile screen ink for various grades of cotton and synthetics (fixation at room temperature)
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Area of Application

Water-based screen printing ink for printing on non-finished cotton, cotton blends as well as on non-finished synthetics made from polyester, polyamide, viscose, lycra and acetate fibres.

Metallic colors are only available in the water based ink line Nori-Tex.

Coarse effect pigments like mica, glitter and so on should also be processed with binder Nori-Tex 076, because the binding power of AquaTex C is only suited for finely granulated color pigments.

Ecological Information

AquaTex C conforms to the requirements on the substances listed in appendices 4 and 5 of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 (Product Class I to IV).  

AquaTex C is a water-based ink system and does constitutionally not contain any petrol, other solvents or formaldehyde.

All color shades are free of pigments based on toxic heavy metals (DIN EN 71, par 3).

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Product data

AquaTex C
Outdoor resistance
Cotton, Linen
Cotton mix
PVC rigid
PVC plasticised
Polystyrene, ABS, SAN
Polyester pre-treated
Polyolefine pre-treated
Paper, Cardboard
physically reactive
Grade of gloss
satin gloss
3 – 5 % Water (3 – 5 % AquaTex Thinner)
VZ 100
max. 5 %
L 47716
max. 20 %
2 % L 31313 Fixative
= applicable = basically suited = can be suited

(1) = Not to be used for printing on soft PVC or plastics
containing high amounts of plasticizers.
(2) = Addition of crosslinker may impair the adhesion.


Basic Colors
076 Colorless
103 Yellow Light
106 Yellow Dark
208 Orange
309 Red Light
313 Red Dark
415 Pink
417 Violet
520 Ultra Blue
625 Green Light
630 Green Medium
836 Brown
945 White
948 Black
Standard Colors
944 White Opaque with low viscosity
944/002 White Opaque with higher viscosity
948/002 Black Highly Opaque
Process Inks
156 Process Yellow
357 Process Magenta
558 Process Cyan
949 Process Black
099 Process Paste
Fluorescent Inks
184 Fluo Yellow
287 Fluo Orange
385 Fluo Red
488 Fluo Pink
686 Fluo Green
All color shades do not contain pigments based on toxic heavy metals (DIN EN 71, part 3).

Application for this ink system

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