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Ink system: NoriProp N
Category: Solvent-Based Screen Printing Inks
Ink system for printing on untreated polypropylene
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Physically drying one-component ink for printing on untreated and pre-treated polypropylene.

The adhesion of the ink film depends on the quality of the polypropylene, i.e. on the method of manufacture, the composition of the compound and, in particular, any surface impurities caused by mold release agents or exuding ingredients.

NoriProp N is also excellently suitable for pad printing.

NoriProp N shows comparatively good resistances to hand perspiration and creams.

Pad printing applications :

  • medical instruments (syringes and bags)
  • office supplies, writing instruments
  • advertising material

Pad printing processing:
The ink is easily processable, regardless of whether the machine is equipped with an open well or closed cup.

  • conventional pads and clichés can be used
  • excellent printability and reproduction of detail

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Product data

NoriProp N
coated Substrates
Metal / nonferrous Metal
Glass / Ceramics
Polypropylene pre-treated
Polypropylene untreated
Polyethylene pre-treated
Polyester pre-treated
Polyester untreated
Polystyrene, ABS, SAN
PVC plasticised
PVC rigid
Further processing
heat curable up to °C
heat sealing
high frequency sealing
thermo forming
outdoor resistant
Grade of gloss
satin gloss
= applicable = basically suited = can be suited


Basic Colors
093 Colorless
102 Citron
104 Yellow *1
207 Orange *1
312 Red
368 Red Transparent
429 Red Violet
467 Pink Transparent
472 Violet
566 Blue Transparent
669 Green Transparent
945 White
948 Black
Standard Colors
209 Orange
315 Red Medium
520 Ultra Blue
522 Marine Blue
523 Blue Dark
628 Green Light
770 Silver
944 White Opaque
Process Inks
157 Process Yellow
358 Process Magenta
559 Process Cyan
948 Black
093 Colorless
*1 =Not to be used for printing on soft PVC or plastics containing high amounts of plasticizers. Not suitable for vacuum forming.
Remark: All color shades do not contain pigments based on toxic heavy metals (DIN EN 71, part 3).
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