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Ink system: NoriCard
Category: Screen Printing Systems for Plastic Cards
Screen printing systems for plastic cards
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Area of Application and General Characteristics

NoriCard is a solvent-based screen printing ink suitable for printing on PVC, ABS and PETG core films used in card manufacturing.

NoriCard has excellent laminating properties with uncoated PVC and PETG overlay films at temperatures greater than 140 °C (284 °F) and shows good peel strength.

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NoriCard Standard Silver Colors
771 Silver Fine
776 Silver Medium Coarse
781 Silver Coarse
786 Silver Coarse
NoriCard Color Shades
093 Varnish
172 Yellow Transparent Satin Gloss
370 Red Transparent Satin Gloss
467 Pink Transparent Satin Gloss
567 Blue Transparent Satin Gloss
667 Green Transparent Satin Gloss
948 Black Satin Gloss
NoriCard Effect Pigment Colors
093/002 Sparkling Green
093/003 ChameleonLilac
093/004 Glitter Turquoise
093/005 Glitter Metallic Blue
093/006 Chameleon Copper-Green
861/004 Rich Gold
172/002 Glitter Orange

Application for this ink system

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