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Ink system: NORIPHAN® N2K
Category: IMD/FIM-Technology / Adhesion Promoters
Ink system for second surface IMD/FIM technology (back molding of screen printed films)
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New IMD screen printing ink systems, Noricryl®, NoriPET® and NORIPHAN® N2K which are optimized for different film types, allow new applications in film insert molding to be realized.

NORIPHAN® N2K is a solvent based two-component screen printing ink for second surface IMD technology using PC films such as Makrofol® and Bayfol®.

NORIPHAN® N2K is optimized for the needs of processing thin films (e. g. 50 µm). Printed films decorated with NORIPHAN® N2K show no curling effect. NORIPHAN® N2K can also be used for metallized films (Makrofol® TP 214) in the masking/chemical etching process in IMD Technology. 

All Proell IMD inks are suitable for the second surface IMD technology with injection molding onto the ink directly.

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Halogen Free Basic Colors
108 Citron HF
112 Yellow HF
225 Orange HF
318 Red Transparent HF
321 Bright Red HF
372 Bright Red Transparent HF
412 Pink Transparent HF
445 Violet HF
566 Blue Transparent HF
570 Deep Blue HF
665 Green HF
945 White HF
952 Black HF
093 Colorless HF
Basic Colors
109 Citron
171 Yellow Transparent
308 Red
320 Bright Red
472 Violet
669 Green Transparent
812 Brown
Halogen Free Special Colors
770 Silver HF
780 Silver Coarse HF
790 Silver Glossy HF (press-ready)
944 White Opaque HF
953 Deep Black HF
954 Black Opaque HF
Silver inks may be used to mix gold and other metallic colors.
All color shades do not contain any pigments based on toxic heavy metals (DIN EN 71, part 3).

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