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Diazo UV polymer emulsion. All purpose emulsion for water-based, solvent-based and UV inks. Optimal printing quality through high resolution and a broad spectrum of exposure. Powder sensitization.
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Area of Application

Norikop 7 SD is suitable for the production of water and solvent resistant stencils for high quality requirements. Norikop 7 SD can as well be used for processing UV curing screen printing inks.

Norikop 7 SD is a high-quality diazo-sensitized UV polymer emulsion with 34 % solids.

Norikop 7 SD is used in the following screen printing markets:

  • industrial screen printing
  • graphical screen printing / promotion
  • electronics
  • ceramics
  • textiles

Color / Pigmentation

Sensitized: Green

Handle Norikop 7 SD under yellow fluorescent tubes or low wattage tungsten light.

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Product data

Norikop 7 SD
0,95 Ltr. / 4,75 Ltr.
ca. 34%
high contrast blue
Sensitizing of emulsion
Diazo powder, direct addition, processable after 15 minutes
Suitable for mesh (threads/cm)
61 to 190
all purpose emulsion, short exposure time, broad spectrum of expo- sures, high resolution, easy removal
Resistant to
Solvent-based inks
UV curing inks
Water-based UV curing inks
Water-based inks
Plastisol inks
Shelf life in month is approx.
ca. 24
ca. 1,5
Sensitized stored at 5 to 8 °C
ca. 3
Coated screens, not exposed
ca. 1
= applicable = basically suited = can be suited

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